Thursday, September 11, 2008

Very First attempt at Cosplay/Recieved Yoko Mousepad FINALLY!!:D

Well, this is my birthday goodies!:D Although a day late was still a lot of fun! And yes, I got impatient and started cutting the cake before anyone could take pictures! Oops!:P

PangYa Albatross18
This is a game I really enjoy playing, and also sprouted a major interest in cosplay for me!:D
As promised here is my rendition of a Kooh cosplay, not the greatest yet, but for spontaneousness and quick outfit changes this is what I already had laying around and put together myself!:D Hope you all enjoy!:D Hoping to add onto this costume in the future.:D
Also, at a later time will cosplay Ohno and Ougie from "Genshiken"!:D I can already see where an addiction comes from doing cosplay!:D Had way too much fun with this today, once my brain started thinking about poses more!:D:P

AND NOW For the other half of this post...
Finally recieved Yoko Mousepad in the mail!:D:D Waited so impatiently for this even though in reality it didn't take very long for it to ship. :P This was the one present that I wanted for my birthday, and, although a day late, am very happy with it!:D I was surprised at the weight of the mousepad... and the box it came in looked very cool... pictures below:

(Front of box) (Back of Box)

(Mousepad!, Yes, with Raised "eyes";P)


Katie said...

nice cosplay! those kinds of mousepads are too ero for me...

Justin said...

really sorry for the late wish! Happy belated birthday!