Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Well, it is the big day!:D There is so much in store for this day, I'm already getting ready for the cosplaying of Kooh!:D I think this is going to be so fun!:D
And yesterday I got the figma Tsukasa Hiiragi, and Kanu!:D I will post those pics in this blog!:D


Blowfish said...

Happy Happy Birthday!
Someone you know posted on his blog about your birthday so i thought id drop by and wish you a happy birthday ^_^

Im so envious that you guys already have your hands on the Kanu Figma^^

Katie said...

Happy Birthday!!! I love the Tsukasa figma but the Kanu figma... not so much. Too much skin showing for a seifuku in my opinion. Nevertheless, I am glad that you are enjoying your 27th birthday!

GrassyJ said...

Happy B-Day! ^_^

Riiana Doon said...

Thank you everyone for the happy birthday wishes!:D It was fun, sort of, just not how I was planning everything out and nothing really went as planned... grr... I have to wait until the 18th to get my Tama tat because the guy was 2 hours behind schedule... grr... I can wait I guess... as for the cosplay, I did it, but didn't get any pix yet, so will do some today... Cosplaying is actually addicting!:D:P