Monday, September 8, 2008

Birthday Happiness!:D

For the first time in like 5 years or more now I will actually have my birthday off work!!:D And I came up with the best idea for it!:D I think Wednesday mid-morning, I am going to go to the mall with my husband and son and play "Glow Golf" In my lolita dress cosplaying as Kooh from the game "Albatross 18"!!:D I pictured the whole thing in my head when I was bored out of my mind at work last night (It was insanely slow all day for a Sunday:P)!
And after 3PM that day I will be getting my tattoo done, and I finally figured out exactly how I am going to do it, I am going to get Tama (The tiger from "Hayate The Combat Butler") with a pink bow on his head, and a tiny red heart on his forehead!:P I came up with this decision with the help of my husband Perscom-San after deciding that I needed to research my original idea a little more before getting my mom's name done in Kanji below the tiger, I want to make sure it is done exactly right, ... so does anyone know the Kanji and/or the pronunciation for the name Maxine?... Please let me know!:D Thanks!:D I look forward to a great birthday, with many surprises!:D And tomorrow will be my "What's In My Bag?" post!:D:P


Persocom-san said...

This will be interesting... Good thing I got batteries for the camera.

Katie said...

usually, foreign names are given in katakana, not kanji, so your mother's name would look like マクシーン pronounced makushiin. I believe. However, this looks a lot like the word for "machine" which is マシーン pronounced mashiin. If you want it in Kanji, I would consult a native speaker so you would get it completely right. I hope you have an outstanding birthday and I hope you post pictures of your cosplay dress ^^ looking forward to your "What's in your bag post".

George said...


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