Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Finished Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann!!:D

Definitely one of the most excellent anime I have seen since the "Chobits" and "Nana" series!:D Definitely a must see if you haven't yet!:D All I am going to say is by the end you will have the most major adrenaline rush you have ever experienced, and you won't know towards the end during different parts of the series whether you want to say "HELL YEAH!", or get teary-eyed during some parts.:D I haven't had an anime excite me this much in quite a while.:D
Now I want my Yoko mousepad even more so now!:P:D And can't wait for my revoltech Yoko, MUST HAVE HER NOW!:D Sorry, got a bit carried away... Like I said, this series really strongly caught my emotions... if you ever have lost someone you were really close to in your lifetime, then this series will really reach out and grab you!:D I also think this is probably the first anime that I have seen where the characters actually grow and evolve over time.:D
On that note... GO WATCH IT!:D A MUST SEE!:D:P


BZou said...

Perfectly understandable (your excitement that is). Gurren Lagann is just that good. I love that anime.

GrassyJ said...

lol. I got pretty fired up watching this for the first time too.

Going on a bit of a tangent, not sure which series you plan to watch next, but may I suggest School Rumble? If you haven't seen it yet, undoubtedly one of the most funny (if not the funniest) comedies ever. Very strong cast of characters that are all likable and a very enjoyable storyline.

Check it out!