Sunday, September 28, 2008

Lucky Star OVA

So, how many of you have gotten a chance to see the "Lucky Star OVA" either raw or subbed by now?? I finally got to see it in a mostly subbed version, with live action "Lucky Channel" raw version. I have to say I love the OVA!:D And Akira's voice actor is so perfect for her!:D This picture here is just a teeny bit of a spoiler for those who haven't gotten to see it yet... You must see if you are a "Lucky Star" fan like myself!:D
All I need to say about this... Konata is definitely up to her antics in this one!:P And Tsukasa volleyball game... absolutely adorable!:D
Well, enough spoilage... if you have seen it, or do see it soon would love to hear what you think of the OVA!:D Look forward to hearing from everyone on this!:D


hikky said...

Yus I have seen it @3am^^ Kagami wearing a Maid uniform and dressed up as Miku was great^^
The rest was random Lucky Star awesomnes, but it was too short... :'(

Persocom-san said...

Most fun I've had watching Lucky Star in a while. Might actually want to buy the OVA someday too.

ClearTranquil said...

I did my review on my blog too. I was MOST satisfied with this OVA. Every part. Seriously. I can't wait to buy it on NA release...but I'm not looking forward to the mainstreamers getting their hands on it. The majority of them won't have any idea the deepness of the references in this show. "Zetsubou-shita! The mainstreamers put me in despair!"

hikky said...

@cleartranquil: LOL, yeah I think the mainstream would just not get it. But Lucky Star TV and OVA are both for Otaku only so who cares, as long as they don't rate it under its true value.