Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Recent Figma Arrivals

So, I haven't posted lately, been lacking something to post about... well... we recieved Tsukasa Hiiragi & our Kanu figma's in the mail recently, and I must say I am quite happy with them.
Scared me at first when upon opening Figma Tsukasa her leg fell off, ... but it was easily put back in place. Overall I am really happy with both new figma additions to our family.
Here are just a few pictures...

And.. as you see we also recently recieved Miku Hatsune and Mikuru Asahina figma's!:D Very much loving all of our latest additions.:D
I must thank my husband Persocom-san for taking all these really cool pictures that I end up posting, he takes the majority of the photos.:D
I guess I should thank Toyslogic.com for FINALLY delivering Mikuru, after waiting since July to get her. I think my favorite store so far that we have ordered from is HobbySearch. They have officially been one of the most fastest, efficient, and decent priced websites we have ordered from. *Special Note about shipping*: With HobbySearch the shipping is never the same price but it is always EMS shipping, and it is not much more expensive than KidNemo... but it's not as bad as it seems, I don't mind paying the extra money to recieve my products earlier than most people do.:D
With that, I think I will close this for now...


Optic said...

I like ur husband shoot. I can't wait to get all the figmas u have. Wait, I already got Mikuru so i'm looking forward to the others.

Adding to my blogrol. ^^

BZou said...

Oh those are nice Figmas, Hopefully you got them all in working condition. I heard how sometimes the quality control on them are horrible, such as missing parts.