Thursday, August 14, 2008

Why am I awake, must get sleep...

LOL, this is the image which appears on my desktop on my computer at the moment... thought I would share this funny moment which my husband and I captured while watching Yoko in action on Gurren-Lagann!:D This is what happens when overtiredness finally hits an Otaku!:P
Anyone else care to share some amusing insomnia stories or moments?:D


BZou said...

I dont know about Kamina but I would love a bullet so far up my ass that I have a nosebleed, Im into that kinky stuff hehe.

Yeah Im an insomniac myself. Tend to sleep REAL REAL LATE. No stories though, I just surf web and watch tv.

Wait actually there is one. There was this one time where a stray cat was right outside my window staring in at me...I stared back. It could have been over an hour but I am not sure. It just freaked me out. I was afraid to stare away. Friggen cats like that are scary as hell.

Justin said...

Even if it's Yoko Appreciation month, getting a bullet in my arse is NOT a good thing. Kinky, but...nah!

True, I do stay up often as well. Being in the field that I'm in, I have to stay awake to accomplish some programming. It's just so...addictive and fun!

One time was even crazier, that I stayed up really late until my friend called me on my mobile and asked me:

"Hey bro. Wanna have breakfast?".
"No way! Why so early man?".
"Dude, look out the window!".

*stares at clock and window*

"Wow, pack me some toast and eggs and deliver them to me on bed!"