Sunday, August 3, 2008

Added A Banner To My Page!:D:D

So, I finally added a banner to my page!!!!!:D I had my husband help me with it, because I am not to good at making banners yet.
So, for today's post... I think I will do a review for the manga/anime/movie versions of "Nana", Now that I have seen and read all three. Here's a plot summary from ANN:

Genres: comedy, drama, romance, slice of life
Themes: Music
Plot Summary: On board the train to Tokyo to meet her boyfriend Shoji, Nana Komatsu ("Hachi") happened to sit beside Nana Osaki who was traveling to Tokyo to fulfill her dreams of becoming a musician. The vocalist for her punk band "Blast", Nana aims for a major debut for "Blast" in Tokyo where her boyfriend, Ren, is the guitarist for a popular band "Trapnest". Sharing the same name "Nana", both girls quickly form a bond of friendship. Their paths cross again when they encounter each other while searching for accomodation in Tokyo. Eventually they decide to live together in the same unit and this further strengthens their bond as the two "Nana(s)" go through their love lives and career.

I love how each one is so different, but yet follows the same basic storyline. I do like the fact that the manga goes the most into detail about the 2 Nana's relationships, I did find things out in the manga, that I didn't know anything about with the anime or the movie. (I'm trying not to spoil any part of this so it will make it more exciting for you the reader.)

When I first saw the anime, I thought it was pretty interesting, but didn't get into it as fast as I did the movie version, then after watching the movie version, I watched the anime again and found myself more into it, and then checked out the manga version, now, I am addicted to "Nana" even worse than I was when first seeing it for the first time. I would definitely reccomend reading the manga first myself. Some people feel that it spoils the story for the other 2 versions, but I myself think that the manga is most interesting, BUT, as far as the movie version, my 2 favorite characters will most likely always be Nana Oosaki, and Takumi. I think I just like the cast that played those 2 characters the most, they did a really good job casting for the "Nana" movie.:)

Well, I hope you have enjoyed my review... feel free to share thoughts and comments on this manga/anime/movie.:)


Anonymous said...

Ohhh nice banner ^^ and i guess i will have to look into watching Nana now. By the way, thanks for commenting me on my blog XD I see you have mine up on your blogroll so let me add you to mine as well ok ^^

ClearTranquil said...

^^ Neato blog. Found you on Kairu's lol. Let's blogroll too. Leave me a comment somewhere on my own to confirm.