Thursday, August 14, 2008

Japanese doll:D

SO, I got so excited about receiving Saber that I forgot to post the pics of the Japanese doll that my husband Persocom-san got me on HIS birthday from an antique store. I love this doll because she is so pretty, and I do believe that she is an authentic Japanese doll.
Here are the pictures we took of her, I think I will name her "Aya Rei" after 2 of my favorite voice actresses.:D

These 2 were the best out of the pictures that we took, the rest turned out really blurry. And thank you my dear husband for getting me this lovely doll!:D


BZou said...

Oh wow it does look really authentic.

Although to be perfectly honest, dolls scare me. Especially those european ones....I am not sure why but they do...Maybe its cause im a chicken.

George said...

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Katie said...

可愛い^^ kawaii