Monday, August 18, 2008

Which anime are you currently watching?

I just finally realized what I haven't posted about yet. The many anime that I am trying to get through at the moment, here is just a small list right now:

~~Hayate No Gotoku

~~Gurren Lagann

~~Code Geass R2

~~Daphne And The Brilliant Blue

~~Zero No Tsukaima - Princess No Rondo

~~Fate Stay Night

~~Jigokou Shoujo Futakomori

From here my mind goes blank... Still waking up...
So this brings the question... WHICH ANIME ARE YOU CURRENTLY WATCHING??


Justin said...

wow...many anime series! >.<

too bad only a few series are appealing to me.

Code Geass R2, Kyōran Kazoku Nikki, Macross Frontier and Soul Eater are on my weekly watchlist.

There's still Elfen Lied, The ARIA collection and I"s Pure. Too many, but I guess I put it off till later ^^"

Anonymous said...

Watching Gurren Lagann tonight actually XD I keep up with the dub on Sci-fi. There is not a lot of anime series I have been watching, more manga. Reading Hayate which I can see you are currently watching XD cool.

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well in this moment I'm watching a anime named high school of the death, a few weeks ago another named B gata H kei, and of course Naruto shippudem, but nothing can win over the classics.