Sunday, October 5, 2008

Introducing Chii,LaLa & Many other characters

So, one day Chii decides to take a walk without Hideki, just to see what kind of fun she can find... this is where she meets Lala Satalin Deviluke!:D

Somehow the two hit it off pretty well, and then they meet some unlikely visitors...
Suddenly out of nowhere they see Saber, looking as though she is taking a break from a battle, and Ink Eyes off in the distance obviously resting from a battle.

And as they round a corner they suddenly bump into Kagami, looking unusually cheerful, obviously Konata hasn't found her yet in there little game of hide and seek.

Tsukasa finds her sister before Konata, thus making Konata very angry.

Nanoha looks at Konata like "You dork, she's right here!" As she realizes that she has never met these interesting people before and goes over to introduce herself, Making Kanu very angry as they were in the middle of there own battle.

And then out of nowhere appears Haruhi who decides to get witch Yuki's help to stop all the nonsensical battling going on... but Yuki decides to have her own fun with all these new acquaintances...

But, Yuki Nagato is not amused.

In the end, Yuki turns Haruhi into a cat, and the rest of the universe keeps going with there battles, as Chii heads home to Hideki after telling Lala how much fun it was walking around with her!:D

All the while, Mikuru is standing by watching with a puzzled look on her face.

I hope you all enjoyed my completely spontaneous story, If it made no sense, that's okay, it wasn't meant to make much sense, just something fun and creative!:D
Look forward to all your responses on this!:D Have a wonderful day everyone!:D


Kairu Ishimaru said...

I wanna have those! Gimme! XD

Persocom-san said...

You should do these more often, it was a creative use of the pictures and I thought it was fun, compared to my plain old reviews ^^

Optic said...

Yuki is never amused cause she never smiles. :)
I like.