Monday, July 28, 2008

I guess you can officially label me an otaku!:P

So yes, we took a neverending endeavor to Barnes & Noble on what we thought was going to be a nice sunny day on the bus. Turned into a rainy walk halfway home trip, but was well worth getting pretty soaking wet.:P
So, we left about 3:45 in the afternoon, to get on the city bus, got to Barnes & Noble just as it really started pouring down rain pretty good. It was well worth the trip though because I actually picked up volume 11 of Nana, I wanted to see exactly how much it leaves out of the movie and the anime, so far, in just over a couple hours i've finished about 65 or so pages. We also picked up another XXX Holic Manga, and Seargeant Frog for our son.:) And we got the chobits artbook also.:D

And even with all this in one night I don't consider myself insane.:P
I found something I happen to really enjoy.:)
Oh yeah, another funny thing happened yesterday, I forgot the password to log on to my computer, and like right before work, at 5:45AM I figured it out.:P The password hint that I made up was almost irrelevant to what the actual password was, but I knew it has something to do with anime!:P Anyone ever done that? Or am I just that crazy?

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